A Breakthrough Approach to Cancer Detection

Adela is developing best-in-class technology to accelerate the diagnosis and improve the management of cancer through blood tests. 


The DNA methylome is a rich source of information about human disease. 

Adela’s genome-wide methylome enrichment platform efficiently captures information from the entire methylome, maximizing test performance and improving treatment decisions.

This comprehensive view of the methylome significantly increases the opportunities for Adela’s products to detect cancer signals in the blood compared to approaches that target a smaller set of genomic regions. 

It also enables enhanced prognostic and predictive abilities, as well as dynamic monitoring in patients over time. 

Adela’s platform is being developed for minimal residual disease (MRD) monitoring - with a tissue agnostic approach - and multi-cancer early detection (MCED).


Adela's mission is to deliver innovative and accessible blood tests that harness biology to transform cancer care and improve well-being.

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