A breakthrough approach to early detection

Adela is focused on the detection of cancer and other high-morbidity, high-mortality conditions through a blood test.


The DNA methylome is a rich source of information about human disease. Adela’s genome-wide methylome enrichment platform uniquely captures information efficiently from the entire methylome. 

Adela’s technology distinguishes the most-highly informative (methylated) regions of the genome from non-informative regions and preferentially targets those regions for sequencing. 

In addition, Adela’s technology does not require bisulfite conversion, which is a chemical treatment that causes loss of valuable genomic material and information. 

Adela's technology leverages machine learning to detect and classify underlying disease, including tissue of origin and histologic subtype. 


Sensitive tumour detection and classification using plasma cell-free DNA methylomes

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Detection of renal cell carcinoma using plasma and urine cell-free DNA methylomes

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Detection and discrimination of intracranial tumors using plasma cell-free DNA methylomes

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Preparation of cfMeDIP-seq libraries for methylome profiling of plasma cell-free DNA

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Tumor-naïve multimodal profiling of circulating tumor DNA in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

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