Mining the methylome for early indicators of human disease

Imagine a world in which a single blood draw can be used to detect and enable early treatment of many different diseases. That’s the future we’re creating at Adela.

about adela

Adela’s mission is to develop innovative and accessible technologies that harness biology and change the way we diagnose and treat disease.

Adela’s genome-wide methylation enrichment technology was originally developed by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Daniel De Carvalho, PhD, at University Health Network’s Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Adela is initially planning to develop the technology for use across the entire cancer continuum—for detection, diagnosis and management of disease.


The members of Adela’s team are pioneers in the fields of cancer detection, epigenetics and liquid biopsy.

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Bratman


Chief Medical Officer

Anne-Renee Hartman


Chief Scientific Officer

Daniel De Carvalho


Senior Vice President, Finance, Controller & Treasurer

Priscilla Huang

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Karla Jarvis


Vice President, Commercial

Betsey Rapp

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